Welcome to ThinkoutShout.First Post

Welcome to ThinkoutShout.First Post

Welcome to ThinkOutShout (TOS).

Why and How I start ThinkoutShout?

After completing my graduation, I go here and there for a job. But don’t get a Job.

Finally, that moment comes when I search “How to earn money Online?” on Google.

After reading so many blogs, I realized Blogging is the best way to make some money online. Not only that, By blogging You can share your knowledge with others and help them out.

But, How to start?

I had no money to buy Domain & web hosting.Start my blog with Blogger.

Then, borrowed some money from my father and started my First Blog.

Register my domain ThinkOutShout.com on 6th October 2015.

I am not sure about my blog niche (subject). As I read many rules and regulation about, “How to choose a domain name for your Blog?” from other’s blog. It is very hard to think a domain name for my blog.

What is ThinkOutShout?

‘ThinkOut’ means Find out some problem and solve it ( ভেবে বের করো ) and ‘ Shout’ means call loudly ( চিত্কার ).

My vision is to get some problem, answer it for myself and help others too. Sharing and caring :)

How will ThinkoutShout help you?

ThinkOutShout is a sum of all its members and followers, who are an integral part of it.It’s is not a brand; it’s a community that feeds your passion for Blogging & more.

ThinkOutShout strives to educate you on how Blogging can enhance and enrich your life, By providing you information, Opinion, and advice on how to start and how to get the most out of it.

ThinkOutShout is an answer to:

  1. How to Start a Blog?
  2. How to earn money Online?
  3. Latest Tips & Tricks about Blogging & Tech.
  4. Startup Advice

and much more………………..

Hope you find the stuff interesting as well as useful.To know more about me,you can go to About me page.

As a reader of this blog, you are our important critic and commentator. Never hesitate to ask questions or doubts regarding my articles.

I’m always there to help you with open arms.

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