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How to choose a domain name for your blog? Finding a great domain name for your blog is the biggest challenge when you want to start your first blog. In the long journey of blogging, you may change your WebHosting, add some premium theme and plugin, hire many writers. One thing you can’t is change is your Blog’s Domain name. So be careful when choosing your Blog’s name.

Here, In this post, I will share with you, what to think before you buy a domain name.Feel like you are giving a name to your first born child 🙂

How to choose a domain name for your blog:

SET YOUR GOAL (Generic Vs Keyword Domain names): 

First, decide your blog topic and what kind of traffic you want for your blog. There are two choices, Buy a Generic domain name or a Keyword focused domain name.

An example of a Generic brand domain is ThikOutShout. You don’t get an idea what is the blog topic in think outshout. It should be about any topic like viral news, blogging, health, food or anything.

Keyword focused domain is like indianfoodblogg.com. You get a clear idea about the topic from the keyword.If you want to expand your blog in future, don’t use this kind of name.It will keep you in a box.Blog traffic is only targeted to Indian food lover; US food lover may not return to your blog.In this case, Allaboutfood.com is best

If Amazon chooses their domain like bookshopp.com, they may not expand their business in various categories.


InstaMojo, If you are a freelancer who sells online or want to take membership fee, online course fee from your customer then you might have come across the trouble of accepting payments from your buyers.Most of us make a mistake by offering net-banking or direct deposit as a payment option, which reduces the chances of conversion or last minute change of mind.

For the last few months, I am using Instamojo to collect payment online. I find that this is just awesome. This payment gateway works only in India now.So if you are an international reader, you must have to wait for it.Here I will share with you how it works, why it is the easiest payment gateway and how you can Get Rs 500, as signup bonus from it.

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